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With digital-age advances such as the cloud & Internet of Things (IoT) accelerating data generation, it is critical for government and defense agencies to leverage this data into actionable insights.

Big Data Analytics

With higher volumes of data than ever before, Technocratic Age Africa partners with agencies across the globe to provide solutions that help transform information into insight to meet mission objectives.

Machine Learning / AI

The advent of AI and machine learning algorithms are unlocking opportunities for leaps in technological advancements and autonomous system development.

Network Design

For projects across distributed geographies, Technocratic Age Africa ensures network environments are tailored to your team’s unique needs, security posture and performance requirements.

Systems Integration

In order to mitigate the rapid obsolescence of information technology, Technocratic Age Africa engineers and technicians can retrofit your fleet with state-of-the-art upgrades that extend its lifecycle.

Enterprise Migration

Transitioning from traditional datacenters to cloud environments takes more than time and patience. Technocratic Age Africa ensures that migration happens with zero impact on performance or security.

Software Engineering

Technocratic Age Africa programmers and software engineers partner with leading government agencies to create applications designed for specific objectives and tailored to unique lifecycle requirements.